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2 min readNov 21, 2020

Design as an inevitable part of existence drives the millennial world in a fast phase. It protrudes as a medium for innovation, problem-solving, technological advancements, and many more. design indeed hones a value with a touch of traditionalism and culture.

Craft sectors in India are a primary source to sustain the life of design, culture, and craftsmanship. The inherent artistic skills of artisans bring out an artfulness to the craft. That’s where we get to have our exquisite creations of craftiness.

However, do we ever look back at the hands that adorn our beauty? The lay man’s arms strive to lead their life especially in this time of pandemic crisis, the Indian design society takes the initiative of starting a campaign by name creative welfare which focuses on the lacquer toy artisans to bring betterment to their lives and provide the necessities during the pandemic.

The Campaign

Creative welfare provides a sharp note for the locality on the existence of artisans, the need for an hour, and to emphasize how Indian craft and tradition need attention to lift the hands of craftsmen. The campaign comes out with creative strategies through social media, fundraising, direct contact marketing, and donation process with different ranges.


Indian design society collaborates with NGO ( Hastaya Vikas Yevam Sahayata Samooh), illustrators, and a handmade gifting studio called Gifting Happiness. The role of this gifting company goes like the donor can send a description for around 200 words and then it is translated into an illustration by an illustrator. This illustration is made into an artwork within a week. This artwork reaches gifting happiness to make a handmade product and finally, the product reaches the donor.

Illustration By @Tanaya @adeeba and @meldbyshraddha

The collaboration of all these empathizes with the artisan by protecting and preserving their creativity.



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