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3 min readNov 24, 2020

In India, Craft, like design, has a remarkable omnipresence. Our friendly session with Sanjay Reddy added a new dimension to our thoughts on the subject.

The more Design evolves with diverse creations, the more it becomes approachable and user friendly. It makes sense, thus, to revive the cultures and traditions in the form of design.

Last week, The Indian Design society indulged in a dialogue session with Sanjay Reddy, a renowned illustrator, and the voice behind DTalks, a leading podcast on everything design. While the encounter left us hooked to the endless possibilities in the colorful world of design, craft welfare, and its rising significance took the center-stage.

Sanjay, having worked in the craft sector, finds the connection empathetic and almost native to Design’s being. Having finished his masters from Instituto D’Arts Applicata e Design, Sanjay takes pride in deciphering the crux of this connection and the many different ways in which Design can help revive the traditional handicrafts back to life. But career plans weren’t exactly chisel-cut for this engineer-turned-illustrator.

Change Of Plans

During his time as an engineering student, Sanjay started exploring the varied forms of design, first out of curiosity and later, out of blind passion he had for this field. By the time he reached his third year in college, Sanjay was already participating in exhibitions and further exploring the multiple facets of design. He never looked back. Some huge wins (He was a finalist at HEXCODE) and a master’s degree later, Sanjay today dedicates his time and soul solely to Design, having a thriving career as a full-time illustrator. His purpose is to design meaningful artworks that lend a voice to abstract themes and expressions. His affinity with craft, was thus, a natural endeavor.

On The Road Ahead

The road ahead is clear but hard. Sometimes there is overwhelming chaos from the pop culture that threatens to consume the craft sector. At other times, it is the dreaded creative block.

“There are times when I feel I am not even capable of Illustrating anymore. Sometimes I am completely lost. However, that uncomfortable feeling of not knowing what to do fuels my desire to learn. That’s how it works for me and I enjoy that phase. That’s where the growth happens. Every time I go through that phase, I evolve,” as Sanjay Quotes

Sanjay Reddy is among India’s best-known faces who don’t mind walking the extra mile. His enthusiasm towards the cause speaks for itself after all. His work speaks volumes on the subject as well so that you and I know, for what’s it worth, it is these very crafts that lend a voice to our culture.

You can follow his work on Instagram and listen to his amazing podcasts.

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